The 4-Week Gut Health Plan: 75 Recipes to Help Restore Your Gut





“The Italian saying, ‘c’e tanto fumo, ma poco arrosto’, which loosely translates to ‘there’s lots of smoke, but not much roast,’ applies to most cookbooks that cater to the microbiome. Not this one. Kitty Martone nails it in her sequel, The 4-Week Gut Health Plan. Whether you suffer from gut issues or not, you owe it to yourself to get a copy and begin putting your gut in order.”―Robert Gellibolian, Ph.D, scientist, and healthcare entrepreneur

“There is no better time to be cooking for gut health than now, and The 4 Week Gut Health Plan is where to start! Kitty provides easy and practical ways to set you and your gut up for success. Not only are there delicious and simple recipes in this book, but there’s also great insight on how to use food to help support your overall health. I want to share this book with everyone!”―Tina Anderson, CEO/co-founder, Just Thrive Probiotic

The 4-Week Gut Health Plan is clear, thorough, to the point, applied, and the photography is superb! What I’m particularly mindful about is Kitty’s depth of knowledge, as well as her experience with this critical subject area; but what struck me MOST was how accessible, user-friendly and practical this guide is. I fully intend to make this book a cornerstone in my practice going forward.”―Morley Robbins, MBA, CHC

About the Author

KITTY MARTONE is a holistic health practitioner, master herbalist, chef, and founder of Using her own health challenges as motivation to further her education, she studies the ever-changing world of the human microbiome―and how it is the conductor of our health and wellness.


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